Hemal Dev on her film Unaad The story is raw and draws a lot from reality

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Mumbai, Feb 21

 Actress Hemal Dev's film 'Unaad' will premiere at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. She is excited and looking forward to the response from the audience and critics.

"The story of 'Unaad' is raw and draws a lot from reality. Kudos to my director Aditya Sarpodar who has made sure to get the best out of all of us. When you watch the film you will feel you are a part of that universe. We shot the film in Konkan. The name of my character is Swara. I can't reveal much about the role, you have to watch the film to know more about Swara and the narrative," she says.

The film features Ashitosh Gaikwad in the leading role. Hemal says that he has done a phenomenal job.

"He is the most passionate actor I have ever worked with. He has inspired me to do better. Abhishek Barate, who played Dev Patel's elder brother in 'Lion', is also a part of the film. He is somebody who has already touched Hollywood and I am fortunate to work with him. We were a bunch of fresh talent along with some veterans like Devika Daftar, Devendra Pem.

"I was lucky to work with actors who know the craft well. I learnt a lot in the process. We were not trying to mimic anything or anyone, we were just beings in the universe that was created by Aditya sir," Hemal shares about her co-stars in the film.

'Unaad' is Hemal's second release. She has shot for a couple of Marathi films, her first was 'Ashi Hi Aashiqui' that was an out-an-out commercial venture directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar, released in 2019.

"Unlike 'Ashi Hi Aashiqui', 'Unaad' is in the artsy zone. I have not used any makeup in this film. I have gone with a natural tan to look the part," she adds.

Talking about the difference between films and TV shows, she says, "In films, you have the luxury of time to be able to create something in terms of working on your scripts, character and understanding. You have more time to let it slowly seep inside your soul. In daily soap, you don't get much time so whatever you do is spontaneous. Both mediums have their pros and cons.“

"Sometimes you will end up creating something much better spontaneously than what you would do even after months of preparation. And there are also times when months of preparation are an absolute necessity. I feel as an actor you should work in all sorts of the medium to learn more."

Being a Marathi herself, Hemal feels a special draw towards Marathi cinema.

"Marathi film industry is coming up with good content films. And, because of the success of the recent film called Zombivali which was directed by Aditya Sarpodar, there has been much interest around the industry. 'Zombivli', 'Jhimma' these films have proved that Marathi cinema is back after the lockdown. Now we are back to kill it again," she sounds proud.


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