Neetu Kapoor opens up on her TV debut Alia and Ranbir s marriage

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Mumbai, April 10

At the age of 63, veteran actress Neetu Kapoor nowhere lacks in her charm and beauty. Ask her the secret and she replies smiling: "I am now more cautious about myself and giving more time to my look."

During a conversation  she shares her excitement over her television debut with 'Dance Deewane Juniors'.

"I was very excited initially when makers approached me for this as it is a kids show and I have a special affection for them. Moreover, the entire atmosphere of television is new to me so I was really happy. "

For Neetu the show is more close to her as she started working on March 31, when her late husband Rishi Kapoor's last movie 'Sharmaji Namkeen' was released. "It was quite challenging for me emotionally as Rishi ji's last movie was released on the same day I started shooting for this show. It was quite ironic where his journey ended and mine again started."

Neetu, who made her debut with 'Suraj' and later went on to play a dual role in 'Do Kaliyaan' had been part of the industry for many years and given a number of hits. Now, with her television debut she is going to have an altogether new experience.

As she says: "It's quite a challenge and very new for me. Similarly 'Jug Jugg Jeeyo' was also a challenge. When I did the movie my confidence level was zero as my husband had just passed away. But slowly it gave me confidence. First day was not good, but with every passing day I started getting my confidence back.

"I started going between the people and tried to come out of the trauma. Because life can never stop anywhere and it must go on. Actually these shows and movies are helping me to heal completely. So, I decided to do it for my happiness and healing from the pain of loss."

While talking about the challenges of being a judge on a reality show, she replies: "There is no proper script. Everything is so instant that it really becomes challenging. It is difficult but not impossible and now I am getting used to it."

She adds the more challenging part is to be a judge on a kids show.

"They are so adorable and incredible that it became difficult to decide who is the best among them At least for me it is very tough as I can't see them crying and thankfully I don't have to be so strict with them."

Post the demise of Rishi Kapoor on one side, if Neetu is trying to come out of the pain by keeping herself busy, she asserts her children Ranbir Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor are her biggest support.

"Both my children are my biggest support. Of course Riddhima is more expressive and Ranbir is silent but they always support me. In fact, Ranbir has taken charge of a male member in our family and I always ask him to sit on Rishi ji's chair on the dining table. I know he is never going to leave me alone in my life. With my daughter I have a friendly equation. I depend on both of them for emotional security," she adds.

What was her reaction when she came to know about Ranbir and Alia Bhatt's relationship and Neetu expressing her happiness.

"I am just waiting for the moment when they both get married. Alia is really very nice and I always admired her. She is a lovely human being. I wish that just after the pack up from here, I return home and they both tie the knot," she concludes.


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