Ranbir Alia wedding Security staff seal cameras of attendees with temporary stickers

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Mumbai, April 13

Organisers of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's wedding are leaving no stone unturned to ensure privacy at the festivities.

While everyone from the industry remained tight-lipped about the intimate wedding, now that guests have started showing up for the functions, they are being closely monitored.

The attendees at Alia's mehendi function had to cover their phone cameras with stickers provided by the security personnel at Ranbir's Vastu residence in the Bandra area of Mumbai. The security sealed the cameras of anyone attending the function with a removable red coloured sticker that would help avoid live streams, photos or videos from the venue.

The security personnel also requested the cops to intervene when things didn't seem to be under control in terms of crowd. The officers of the Mumbai Police spoke with the paparazzi stationed at the venue and issued strict instructions to them to not block the cars of the attendees for photos or bytes.


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