Vishu rekindles memories of dad for yesteryear actress Radha

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Chennai, April 17

The recently concluded festivals of Tamil New Year and Vishu have rekindled fond memories of her childhood for yesteryear actress Radha.

Radha, who was at one point in time one of the top actresses of the Tamil film industry and who is now the mother of two Tamil actresses — Karthika and Thulasi, took to social media to post a video clip on Vishu.

In it, she said: "Today, memories of my dad are flooding me. That is because it was only on this day (Vishu day) that our dad used to give us money. On other days, if we went and asked him for money, he would shoot back, 'Why do you need money?'.

"On Vishu alone, he would give us money. There would be an idol of Lord Krishna and all the offerings would be placed in front of the idol. There would also be money but that would be covered. He would uncover it in the morning of Vishu and give us money. But that too only according to our age.

"My eldest sister Ambika (actress Ambika) would get Rs 10, my elder sister Malliga would get Rs 5, I would get Rs 2…. That was my dad's budget.

"But still, that Rs 2 meant a lot to me. It would give me the same satisfaction as having earned Rs 2 crore. We would spend it on toffees. I don't know why but I wanted to share this with you about my dad."


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