AGNI Organises ‘Meet The Candidate’ Event at the Prestigious North-Central Constituency in Mumbai

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AGNI (Action for Good Governance & Networking in India), along with ALMS, NGOs, residents associations and active citizens of Mumbai, organised a pivotal ‘Meet Your Candidate’ event on Sunday at Bandra’s North-Central constituency in Mumbai for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. This event, crucial for the democratic process, aimed to bring the citizens closer to the candidates and their promises.

Well-known advocate Ujjwal Nikam from the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress Party’s Varsha Gaikwad are prominent faces contesting this constituency.

While Ujjwal Nikam could not attend the event, Varsha Gaikwad was present and made a significant pledge. Upon her election, she vowed to be readily accessible to the citizens and consult them on various issues. This assurance was aimed at fostering a sense of trust and confidence.

During the event, Varsha Gaikwad addressed the pressing issue of redevelopment, assuring that it would be looked into from both the developers’ interest and the welfare of the citizens.

Furthermore, she stated that she knew the burning problem of elected members’ defection and would build a consensus to tackle it.

At the meeting, an appeal was made to better the organ donation process, which she welcomed.

The Meeting was convened by AGNI member Sanjeev D’Souza and moderated by activist Madhu Popley.

The Khar Resident Association founder trustee, Anandini Thakoor, welcomed the candidate, whilst Dinesh Ahir, AGNI trustee, gave a short presentation of the NGO and its past and current activities.


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