Uma Bharti reminds Chouhan of his anti liquor campaign promise

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Bhopal, March 14

 A day after she was seen vandalising a liquor shop in Bhopal, BJP leader Uma Bharti on Monday wrote to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reminding him of his promise to launch an anti-liquor campaign.

In her letter, the former chief minister wrote that she has been raising her concern against use of liquor for the past one-and-a-half years and was assured of help by the state government.

Further, Bharti mentioned that she has also made the same appeal to state BJP president V. D Sharma and received the same promise from him. "One-and-half years back, when I had spoken to you on this matter, you (Shivraj) had asked me to run an awareness campaign. I also spoke to state BJP president V.D Sharma on the issue," the letter read.

Seeking the chief minister's cooperation for running a mass level awareness campaign across the state, she said: "People are supporting the move against liquor and therefore the government should support it. Liquor shops located in the prohibited areas should be shut immediately," Bharti said in her letter.

Former MP Chief Minister also claimed that the liquor vend is a nuisance in the areas, creating safety issues for women and girls. She also lamented that the labourers often end up spending their entire earnings on alcohol.

She also mentioned about her act of vandalising a liquor shop in Barkhera Pathani area on Sunday. Bharti said that she was protesting against liquor shops operating illegally in Azad Nagar on Sunday, during which a group of women came to her and they were crying. "Women told me that they could not even come out to their rooftop because drunk people misbehave with them. It made me angry and I picked up a stone and threw it towards a liquor shop," Bharti said.

Meanwhile, Bharti also expressed her gratitude to chief minister Chouhan for meeting her recently. Two days ago, Chouhan had stated that he has assured Bharti that the state government will run a public awareness campaign involving public representatives, citizens and social organisations regarding use of alcohol and drug de-addiction in the state. However, Bharti's action on ground came just two days after meeting with Chouhan.


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