War demonstration at SIES

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About 90 NCC cadets both boys and girls of the SIES College, Sion  displayed  SHAKTI PRADARSHAN, various demonstrations like Advanced Contingent drill, WAR Demonstration. (Real Battle field Act), Self defense in times of emergency ,formation of Pyramids  and Cultural lazim dance.

The war demonstration was done by capturing enemy solders and fighting to get released the captive solders from opposition camp.

These mock drills which are part of NCC training conducted to encourage students and to show how the solders are fighting in battle fields.

Dr. Aarti Mulay  the head of the NCC unit of the college said these trainings give self confidence among the students to face the difficult situations in life bravely . This is also mainly to encourage the  students to join the NCC units and to join the Armed forces if interested. All these demonstrations are  done under the supervision of No 1 Armed forces battalion of Maharashtra area connected with NCC.

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