13 yr old arrested for toddler s murder in Lucknow

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Lucknow, May 16

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested for killing a toddler in Lucknow after he confessed to his crime.

On Sunday, the boy confessed that four days ago, he was allegedly slapped by the victim's father who used to also abuse his family members, humiliating them in full public view.

Syed Ali Abbas, ACP, Aliganj, said that the revelation came two days after the naked body of the victim was recovered from a water tank of a school in Sairpur police station area.

The boy was sent to the Para Shelter home and will be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board on Monday.

The ACP said that the minor boy confessed to his crime during interrogation before his parents.

"I found the girl child outside her house, I picked her up and brought her to my school and threw her body in the water tank. I also tied a brick to both her legs and threw away her clothes," he reportedly told the police.

The crime of a minor was exposed after he was taken to the spot in presence of FSL members and police team on Saturday.

The minor efficiently climbed the wall of the school to reach the tank with ease, also traced the girl's frock, and string he used to tie her body with.

To verify and rule out the possibility of the involvement of any other culprit in the case police also conducted a thorough investigation and questioned neighbours but did not get any evidence, the police said.

The minor was booked under the charges of murder, kidnapping and causing disappearance of evidence, the ACP said.

Police said a child psychiatrist will be called in to testify the mental status of the boy and ascertain whether he faced any trauma.


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