Ghulam Rasool A burglar who supplied pistol to Jahangirpuri shooter

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New Delhi, April 23

After the arrest of 28-year-old Imam a.k.a. Sonu Chikna a.k.a. Yunus, the blue-Kurta Jahangirpuri shooter, a manhunt was launched to nab the person who supplied the firearm to him.

Imam was arrested on April 18, and two days after his arrest, the alleged arms supplier — Ghulam Rasool a.k.a. Gilli — was nabbed by the police.

Born in Jahangirpuri in 1995, Ghulam Rasool is illiterate. He was working as a fish shopkeeper before falling into bad company and the world of crime.

He has been twice arrested for thievery — first time in 2017 and second time in 2020.

In 2017, Rasool along with his associates entered a house in the city and stole 4 gold chains, 8 gold rings, 2 gold necklaces and some money.

The owner of the house caught accused Rasool during committing the crime while his associates managed to flee from the spot.

In this case, accused Ghulam Rasool was arrested and sent to jail.

Three years later, in 2020, he was again held for committing theft in another house.

Ghulam Rasool has a family of five people — father, mother and two siblings. All his life, he remained in Delhi.

Official sources said that interrogating Rasool was not very difficult. "He reveals everything by just simple interrogation," said a source.

It was also learnt that the accused is having a strong addiction to smoking 'Beedi'.



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