K taka acid attacker injured in police shootout

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Bengaluru, May 14

The Karnataka police have allegedly shot an acid attacker on the leg while he was attempting to escape on Saturday.

According to police sources, the acid attacker Nagesh, who was absconding, had managed to escape from the police since April 28.

The shootout took place when the police were bringing him back to Karnataka from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

The police allegedly shot Nagesh on the right leg while he attempted to escape from them on the pretext of attending nature's call.

He has been admitted in a hospital.

The police said the accused had attacked police constable Mahadevaiah while the latter caught him while trying to escape.

The Karnataka police had arrested Nagesh on Friday in Tiruvannamalai. He had disguised himself as a religious seer.

The policehad formed 10 special teams to nab him as they came under criticism for the delaying the arrest.

After 16 days, Kamakshipalya police finally nabbed the accused.

The police were working on clues that the accused was a devotee and visited pilgrimage centres.

After searching all religious places, the police could not find any clue as the accused had managed to hide in an 'ashram' as a religious sage, police sources said.

The accused allegedly wore a saffron robe and pretended to be a spiritual man.

The police also entered the ashram as devotees and managed to find clues about Nagesh and finally nabbed him.

The incident had taken place on April 28.

The attacker Nagesh, who was waiting in an autorickshaw near the workplace of a girl at Sunkadakatte in Bengaluru, chased and poured acid on her.

The girl sustained 35 per cent burn injuries.

The police said the accused studied in the same school with the victim.

After facing rejection from the girl, the accused attacked her.

Karnataka Health Minister, K. Sudhakar had visited the victim in the hospital and assured her free treatment.

He also announced that the state government would provide her a job once she recovers.


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