Covid Orphans Get a Savior

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Shazneen Mistry

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many children have lost their parents and have become orphans, while some have lost their fathers- their economic backbone and are facing real troubles surviving in the world as they have no financial support. Hearing about this issue, a group of city doctors decided on providing school fees for those children who are from poor economic backgrounds and have lost either one or both their parents due to the Covid infection. They have already managed to help 36 children with their annual school fees which had ranged between ₹ 30,000–35,000.

Dr. Amit Thadhani, a surgeon, along with his friends from the medical fraternity has been reaching out to needy students across the country through his NGO, Prime Education Health Learning Services (PEHL). This NGO has received around 90 applications from students across India, who have lost their patents to this deadly virus. To promote the NGO and the work they have been doing to reach all the students in need, a Google document had been circulated through social media to submit the details of the students who wished to receive this grant.

He also said, this is the time of school admissions and due to Covid-19, many families who have lost their sole breadwinners are struggling to pay their school fees. We are trying to help such students. Once selected, we would pay their school fees for the three subsequent academic years. We have a target to help a 100 such students. The fees would be directly sent to the school’s bank account, he further added.

In some cases, if the NGO finds out that the family belongs from a very poor economic background, then they would also provide school fees to the other siblings in the family. Apart from getting financial support from different trusts for the campaign, doctors also are chipping in money from their own pockets to support the cause. Currently, they provided a student with ₹ 1.15 lakhs for his engineering course, which is the biggest amount they have paid, as compared to providing ₹30,000- ₹35,000 as annual school fees.

It can be seen that the orphans have now got a new superhero and they are not the ones in a cape, but rather in white coats providing financial help to the students in need.


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