UP health centres to have solar powered fridges to safeguard Covid vaccines

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Kanpur, April 24

A student from an engineering college in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur has built a solar energy-run refrigerator which can be used to safeguard and prevent wastage of life-saving medicines and Covid-19 vaccines across rural hospitals and health centres operating in the state.

The rampant wastage of Covid-19 vaccines will no longer remain a problem in health centres across Uttar Pradesh where there is a shortage of electricity since such centres will now be able to operate efficiently without the usage of electrical equipment.

Samarjit Singh, a B.Tech third-year student of Axis College, Kanpur, has found a solution to shortage of electricity in health centres where solar-powered refrigerators can keep lifesaving medicines and vaccines safe.

Singh claims that this device will prove to be a boon for rural health centres. He has also applied for patenting this device.

He says that solar energy, which plays a significant role in the protection of the environment, will now play a similar role in safeguarding life saving medicines in rural hospitals.

Wherever there is a problem of electricity and other resources, refrigerators can operate with the help of solar energy in such areas.

"I have set up a solar refrigerator. I have made a prototype of this device without using a compressor," Samarjit added.

He says that this solar device is placed in a board and consists of a solar plate as well as a battery fitted to it. A thermoelectric has been used instead of a compressor.

At the time of power supply, a temperature difference will be created in the refrigerator following which the temperature of the device will decrease.

The solar-run refrigerator will run smoothly for nearly 12 hours upon charging the solar panel for a duration of four hours.

This refrigerator has an additional battery, which will charge it even when the solar energy is discharged.

This device is completely eco-friendly and at present has a capacity of 5 litres. It is light weight and is easy to carry from one place to another.

No power supply is needed to operate the refrigerator which costs nearly Rs 3,000 to 3,500.

Samarjeet further says that the solar panel-powered refrigerator would be beneficial even for Army personnel guarding the country in areas with poor connectivity.

The security forces will be able to drink cold water and eat safe food, he added.

Food items and beverages along with injections and medicines can also be kept safe inside this refrigerator for the security forces guarding the country.

Ashish Malik, Director, Axis College, Kanpur, said this unique device is a prime example of innovation and is beneficial in medical and military purposes without usage of electricity.

It is much cheaper and an innovative device promoting the use of solar energy, he added.

Senior Medical Officer, Deoria, Manoj Jain, says that there is a dire need of such a type of refrigerator as there is still lack of electricity in the rural areas.

Vaccines and other medicines also need to be kept at a safe temperature as a lot of manpower and energy is wasted in the maintenance, he said.

This new type of refrigerator has a chip attached to it which helps monitor its temperature. With the availability of such a refrigerator, the facilities in rural health centres will improve.


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