B luru girl students indulge in street fight video goes viral

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Bengaluru, May 18

An incident of girl students' of a reputed school in Bengaluru indulging in street fighting in full public view went viral on Wednesday.

The shocking unverified video of the students in uniform, holding baseball bats and fighting, kicking, pulling each other by the hair have gone viral on social media.

In the video, the two groups are seen arguing among themselves for a long time and then suddenly, one of them comes forward to snatch the baseball bat and then a fight starts between them.

The video shows the girls rolling over steps and falling. One gets hit against the iron grill and later with her bleeding nose is escorted away by her friends.

However, the exact reason was yet to be ascertained and there was no police complaint registered regarding the incident. Even the date and the timing of the incident is also not clear. The jurisdictional Ashoknagar police in Bengaluru maintained that they do not have any information on the issue.

The management of the reputed school has also so far not reacted to the incident. According to information available from sources, the two groups fought over the issue of boyfriend.

The boy had taken one of the girls out, without the knowledge of his girlfriend who studied in the same school. The girlfriend who came to know about it had questioned the girl and it took a violent turn, sources said.


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