Closing down LKG UKG in govt schools seems to be Dravidian Model

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Chennai, June 8

Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and AIADMK Coordinator O.Panneerselvam on Wednesday condemned the DMK government for deciding to close down kindergarten classes in the government schools.

Panneerselvam said the AIADMK government in order to attract more children to the government schools had started lower and upper kindergarten classes.

The poor people admitted their children to the government schools instead of private ones that charge high fees, he added.

According to him, the DMK government is paving the way for the government school students to go to the private institutions and enable the latter to flourish.

Such an action is against social justice and it seems the DMK is terming these as Dravidian Model, the AIADMK leader added.

He urged Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to intervene in the matter so that the status quo was restored in the government schools.

Stalin has been saying the DMK party is providing a Dravidian Model of governance.



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