Should there be a lesson on Jinnah K taka BJP leader asks

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Bagalkot (Karnataka), May 26

Criticising the textbook revision row in Karnataka, senior BJP leader and former Minister, K.S. Eshwarappa on Thursday asked if a lesson on Muhammad Ali Jinnah should also be included in the syllabus.

The statement has already stirred a controversy, adding to the confusion surrounding the textbook revision row in Karnataka.

The government has appointed the Textbook Revision Committee headed by thinker Rohith Chakrathirtha. The committee has reviewed Kannada language textbooks of 1st to SSLC (Class 10) and Social Science textbooks of classes 6-10. The state government has also asked the committee to revise the history textbook of II PUC.

Coming down heavily on the people who are objecting to the inclusion of a lesson containing the speech of RSS founder K.B. Hedgewar, Eshwarappa said it was to introduce the culture of the land and patriotism to the students.

"Do you think there should be a lesson included on Mughal king Aurangazeb who destroyed Shivling? Till date students read the lesson of Alexander the Great," he maintained.

"Our students read about glorification of those who destroyed our country and culture. If Hedgewar's ideologies were not spread in the country, our nation would have been divided by now."

He maintained that the news of dropping lessons of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and social reformed Narayana Guru have been part of propaganda.

He stated that Hedgewar strived to unite the Hindu community in 1925.

"Terrorists are creating havoc in the country despite the awareness that is being brought among Hindus. The government has decided to preserve the culture of the land," Eshwarappa explained.

"Progressive thinkers do not want unity and awareness among Hindus. They cherish a wish to include lessons of destroyers of the nation. Everyone should agree what is constitutional."


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