Adani Green is now India’s first company to surpass 10K MW of operational renewable energy capacity

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Adani Green Energy Ltd. (AGEL) has emerged as the first business in India to reach 10,000 MW of operational renewable energy capacity. This significant achievement was made possible by commissioning a 2,000 MW solar plant at Gujarat’s massive Khavda Solar Park.

Thanks to its accomplishments, AGEL is leading India’s shift to renewable energy. The 10,934 MW of projects in its current portfolio are a combination of wind, solar, and hybrid projects.

With a breakdown of 7,393 MW solar, 1,401 MW wind, and 2,140 MW wind-solar hybrid, this remarkable capacity comprises a varied mix of solar, wind, and wind-solar hybrid plants.

Highlighting AGEL’s rapid growth and commitment to facilitating India’s shift towards clean, reliable and affordable energy, Chairman of the Adani Group Gautam Adani said,  “We are proud to be India’s first ‘das hazari’ (ten thousand) in the renewables space.”

The organisation has set lofty targets, hoping to achieve an astounding 45,000 MW renewable energy capacity by 2030.

With a planned capacity of 30,000 MW, the Khavda Solar Park is being developed as the largest renewable energy facility in the world. This major expansion is currently ongoing there.

Furthermore, this capacity could power over 5.8 million homes, and an estimated 21 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions may be avoided annually.

AGEL has established a lofty goal of having 45,000 MW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The Khavda Solar Park, with its astounding 30,000 MW capacity, is intended to be the largest renewable energy facility in the world and is a crucial component of this plan.

In addition to capacity, AGEL focuses on sustainability. Their operational offering includes certifications for “zero waste-to-landfill,” “single-use plastic-free,” and “water positive” for plants with capacities of more than 200 MW.

With a land area five times larger than Paris and almost as massive as Mumbai, the Khavda Solar Park is an engineering marvel. AGEL reached the 2,000 MW milestone within a year of starting work, demonstrating its remarkable project execution skills.

Source: ESG TImes

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