Masdar, EGA form Alliance for Low-Carbon Aluminium

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Benoy P Jacob

UAE’s Masdar, one of the world’s largest clean energy entities, and leading premium aluminium giant Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) have taken a significant step towards sustainable industrial practices by announcing a new cooperation centred on aluminium decarbonisation. Redefining the energy footprint of the largest non-oil export from the United Arab Emirates, this alliance represents a turning point for both titans in their respective industries.

By harnessing EGA’s leadership in aluminium manufacturing and Masdar’s prowess in renewable energy, this partnership is poised to revolutionise the aluminium industry. Their shared goal is to expedite the global transition towards more sustainable production methods, thereby significantly reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. This transformative endeavour will rebalance the energy equation, tilting it in favour of renewables like solar, wind, and green hydrogen.

Aluminium Decarbonisation: A Beginning For a Sustainable Future

Creating the Aluminium Decarbonisation Alliance by Masdar and EGA is more than just a calculated business decision; it signifies a radical change in how one of the world’s most energy-intensive industries is run. Fossil fuel-derived energy has historically played a major role in manufacturing aluminium, substantially impacting global carbon emissions. But with its emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability, this coalition represents a positive shift. 

CelestiAL: An Indicator of Sustainable Production

EGA has reached a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainability with the launch of CelestiAL aluminium, the first aluminium product globally to be manufactured by solar energy. This product is a major technological advancement that allows large-scale industrial operations to lower their carbon footprint significantly. EGA produced this solar aluminium in 2021 in close to 39 thousand tonnes. By 2023, production had risen to almost 66 thousand tonnes, demonstrating the scalability and efficacy of renewable energy in industrial applications. 

Prospects for the Future and Their Worldwide Effect

Industries like aluminium manufacturing, often labelled ‘hard to abate’ due to their high energy demands and reliance on carbon-intensive processes, are now witnessing a paradigm shift. Masdar and EGA’s pioneering efforts are expected to serve as a beacon for businesses worldwide, demonstrating that significant carbon emission reductions are attainable even in the most challenging sectors. With its innovative production methods, the Aluminium Decarbonization Alliance is primed to lead the market as the demand for sustainable materials escalates globally.

Photo Credit: Pexels
Source: ESG Times

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