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New Delhi, June 21

It is undeniable that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive. Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, who oversees the nutrition and calorie intake of Bollywood's greatest performers, breaks down a few diet and lifestyle suggestions which don't burn a hole in your pocket on Audible's podcast, 'Kya Lifestyle Hai'.

Dr. Siddhant talks  about how the show helps listeners take a few steps every day and focus on a healthy lifestyle without shelling out lots of money.

So far, you've been sharing your health and lifestyle tips with Bollywood celebs, what motivated you to take this to the one and all through your podcast?

Siddhant: I think I just realized that there's a huge gap in the market. So more than a doctor, I think over the last five years, I've become a business person. I'm an entrepreneur by nature. And I just like finding gaps in the market and plugging them. And that's exactly what this podcast on Audible is also doing. No other podcast currently exists that is giving you all of this information in such a short duration, a shorter span of time. And all this information I vouch for is completely scientific research and is very relatable because that's the very narrated it, that's the way we presented it. So I just realized that there was really a gap and a need for something like this, and we filled it.

How will this podcast help influence people to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Siddhant: I think my podcast 'Kya Lifestyle Hai' is going to give them a plate full of good choices. And the best part about this plate is that it's going to have only good choices. All they have to do is pick up that favorite good choice from this plate and eat. That's the way I look at it. We're probably giving them 100 things that are going to be good for them. And even if they ended up doing 10 out of these 100 I'm pretty sure that they're making a significant improvement to their lifestyle.

This is your first time as a narrator for the podcast, how was your experience? What inspired you to take this opportunity?

Siddhant: So, the first time that it was it was pretty daunting at first, because, you know, I hadn't ever done a podcast, usually people are used to seeing my face all the time. I do believe that a large part of my communications are through the way I emote, through the way I am. And this was a little bit of a challenge, initially. But I think the team that I was working with really made life simple for me, like a big thank you to Priyanka, because she's really handheld me through the entire journey. She taught me how to modulate my voice, she taught me how to sort of keep a person engaged just through my voice, and all of these things I'm definitely going to be taking back with me for a lifetime. So Audible, Rainshine Entertainment and Priyanka are the biggest reasons why this podcast has actually happened and why I can say that it's a good podcast.

What precautions did you keep in mind while narrating this podcast?

Siddhant: Definitely, one had to practice a little bit because you know, you're just talking into a mic, there's really nothing else. And you need to be comfortable with doing that yourself because otherwise, you're not going to be able to deliver your best work. So I think we recorded a couple of episodes and then scrapped those episodes out and then re-recorded them. Because I still wasn't able to get the hang of it initially.

But once I got the hang of it, and once I understood how I'm supposed to emote purely through my voice, what distance I'm supposed to keep from the mic, all of that, then it just became a simple process. And then it was just about seeing your story in exactly the same way, as you say it on video, you just have to speak into a mic and you get the job done. And one thing I'd definitely like to add is that a podcast is about three things. One is about how you write it, how well it's written, and the content in it, and two how you narrate it for sure, and three, how well the range has actually worked. So these three things need to be kept in mind for a podcast.

Any current clients that you can name or upcoming work you want to talk about?

Siddhant: Yes, so current clients, they've been the same. It's Sara Ali Khan, Alia, and Ranbir all these are people that I have been helping for quite a while now. Future plans? Yes, I mean, I would want to continue making more content, visual and auditory, both. I love this podcast. I will be writing a book as well. The book is sort of going to be about how to live a longer life and how to live a better quality life or it will have a lot of health tips. My goal is to empower people to just make better decisions and I think that's what I'm going to be doing in the future.


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