Aromas of Andhra

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New Delhi, May 5

Aromatic and diverse cuisine from Andhra Pradesh will take centre stage at Seasonal Tastes, the award-winning international cuisine all-day diner at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi, from May 4-14, 2022. Guests are invited to be immersed in a culinary adventure of authentic Andhra cuisine at the 10-day long festival "Aromas of Andhra" which promises to bring alive the complexity of flavours inspired by the land of Kohinoor.

Savour an array of exquisite flavours expertly created by the team of culinarians at the hotel along with guest chef Raghavender Sirisala, who has flown in from Andhra Pradesh, for the festival. Rich in diverse gastronomic history, Andhra cuisine is as diverse as its people, spread in varied topological regions; known for tangy, hot flavours with a spicy edge. The food is known for the use of strong spices like Guntur, which is a fiery red chilli used in most preparations of this cuisine.

Chef Anurudh Khanna, Multi-Property Executive Chef for The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi, and The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa, said, "Every cuisine has something unique to offer, and when it comes to carving out the culinary heritage of Andhra cuisine, it is no less than a treasure trove of an amazing amalgamation of simple spices, rice, jaggery and herbs."

The traditional non-vegetarian signature dishes at the festival will include Gongura Mamsam (Gongura Mutton), Kodi Vepudu (Chicken Fry), and Royyala Vepudu (Prawn Fry), Nelloru Chapala Pulusu (Tangy Fish Curry) and much more. Vegetarians can feast on delicacies such as Mokkajonna Gaarelu (Corn Fritters), Guttu Vankaya (Stuffed Brinjal), Berakaya Jedi Pappu Kura (Ridgegourd and Cashewnut Curry) accompanied by Bangala Dumpa Vepudu (Potato Stir fry), Tamata Pappu (Tomato Dal) and Nimmakaya Annam (Lemon Rice). End the meal on a sweet note with traditional desserts like Boorelu (Lentil Jaggery Stuffed Dumplings) and Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

The Andhra food festival offerings can be enjoyed as part of the buffet at Seasonal Tastes daily for lunch from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and dinner from 7 to 11:30 p.m.

* When: Every day, May 4-14, 2022

* Where: Seasonal tastes at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi

* Available for lunch and dinner buffet

* For reservations and queries please call us at +91 72900 13905


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