Does the pandemic have anything to do with sugar consumption

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New Delhi, March 5

 The pandemic turned out to be the world's most severe socioeconomic and health crisis. The abrupt change in lifestyle caused by social estrangement and isolation became the new normal for everyone. But the silver lining to the pandemic is a noticeable behavioural change in people's diets and health habits.

With the onset of the pandemic, people became more concerned about their health, diet, and way of life. One thing that was eliminated from a slew of diets was sugar.

The consumption of white crystals decreased as people became more serious about their health goals. Sugar has been linked to a variety of negative health effects, including chronic infection, heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, obesity, pain syndrome, and candida.

People's health awareness has grown significantly as a result of digital access, the influence of famous public figures, and natural alternatives are just a few examples of factors that have played an important role in motivating people to live healthy lifestyles.

In 2020, people all over the world were subjected to lockdowns and quarantines, and no one was permitted to leave their homes. To avoid boredom, they began to spend more time on the internet for entertainment.

Hand-to-hand digital access in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptops aided in increasing people's awareness of their health by providing useful information.

According to a study, eight out of ten people changed their eating habits as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. The Ministry of Ayush issued a set of guidelines based on Ayurvedic principles to keep people alert and aware of how to combat coronavirus. During this time, there was a significant evolution and transformation in sugar consumption.

Prathamesh Krisang, co-founder of Magicleaf said: "The pandemic marked an immediate impact on people's eating habits and lifestyles. They started exercising and following a healthy diet to boost their immunity. During this course, they become aware of the harmful effects of sugar on their health and immunity. Because of the imposition of lockdown everywhere, people were not able to go out for a walk or exercise, and their routine became monotonous."

"As the virus was more dangerous for people with severe medical conditions and low immunity, sugar patients became more active in reducing sugar from their diet to avoid obesity and stay fit during this hard time. They started following keto diets and switched to no-sugar products in order to increase their immunity to fight the deadly virus. Indians are so fond of sweets and sugar that we are ranked number two in terms of diabetes. But, this sugar consuming behaviour changed instantly as people became more aware."

According to a survey, 74 per cent of people are limiting or avoiding sugar intake from their diet. The pandemic became an eye-opener for every person on the earth. It introduced us to new and healthy options like Stevia leaf-based sweeteners which are zero calories, natural and do not affect blood sugar levels.


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