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New Delhi, April 5

 Unabashedly cheer your favourite team in spirit and in cuisine, with a regionally inspired food menu that will leave you stumped, to an unhinged hawk's-eye view of a screen. As the cricket season has begun! Monkey Bar Pavilion 2.0 – promises thrills and excitement, as well as a chance to witness all of the action, with the best seats in the house, a special menu, great deals on drinks, and service to provide all cricket fans with an electrifying atmosphere.

With a limited-edition menu inspired by each team's state, they have just flavoured according to the team you want to support, the list goes like this:

. MVP Koliwada is a batter-fried Bombay style Koliwada prawn marinated with a hint of spice served in a basket of noodles and topped with horseradish and garlic aioli from Mumbai's mean streets.

. Doi Bora Riders – mince chicken crispy vadas topped with curd, pomegranate, pickled oranges, diced apples, topped with sev and served with crisp apple chips, mint sauce, and spicy imli chutney – are available in Kolkata.

. Masala Podu is a crunchy masala puri stuffed with spiced chickpea bhalla and topped with sour creme for Chennai fans.

. The Royal Pithore is a flavour-packed dahi pithore served on a bed of green pea masala drizzled with sweet yoghurt, date and tamarind chutney from Rajasthan.

. Sunrisers Haleem – Hyderabadi style cooked chicken with lentils, roasted cashew, and fried onions, served with grilled . pao – is available for food lovers and cricket fans in Hyderabad.

. Crumbed achari fish served with chilli tapioca chips and a charred tomato salsa inspired by Punjab.

Delhi must have Taco Time Out – mutton braised in onion, coriander, and lime, topped with cubed tomatoes and onions served with korma sauce

. Gassi Kebab Challengers – tamarind and coconut milk-flavoured chicken mince kebabs served with mini parathas for our Bengaluru fans.

. Titans of Dabeli – a Gujarati inspired baklava- filo stuffed masala and tamarind potato, edamame, and truffle topped with melted cheese, confit garlic, fig and apple chutney, and cashews – is routing for the new teams this season.

. A tribute to the Lucknowi tandoor supergiant Tunde Ke Munde, our version of the popular mutton tunde ke kebab is served on phulka tacos with spiced dates, jalapenos, and coriander sour cream and a side of mint chutney.


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