Raise a toast to your loved one

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New Delhi, Feb 14

 February is the month of love, and on a special day like Valentine's Day, take advantage of the opportunity to make your loved ones feel special. On behalf of Glenfiddich India, Angad Singh Gandhi celebrates Valentine's Day by making some amazing cocktail recipes at home.


60 ml Glenfiddich 12 YO.

10 ml Anandini Himalaya Tea

Spiced honey

Bitters (your choice)


Orange peel (Garnish)


Stir everything together over ice and stir in a nice old-fashioned glass over a block of ice.

Garnish with orange peel or Cinnamon stick and enjoy

Glenfiddich Irish Coffee


Fresh Cream

Drambuie Liqour

Glenfiddich 12 YO

Espresso Shot


Chocolate Stick/crunchy (Garnish)

Chocolate Sauce n Biscuits (Rim)


Prepare Drambuie Cream – Whip 30 ml Drambuie and fresh cream together and keep it aside

Take a glass and cover the rim with chocolate sauce and crushed biscuits

Add 60 ml GF 12 YO, sugar and Espresso shot to the glass and stir well*

Add the Drambuie cream over for the float

Garnish the cocktail with chocolate stick and enjoy


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