JB Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Ltd acquires Azmarda brand indicated for heart failure patients from

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New Delhi, April 8

Considering the dire need for cardiological drugs amidst the rising incidence of Heart Failure and Hypertension in India, and to taking its acquisition drive forward, J.B. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., has acquired Azmarda from Novartis AG, Switzerland for India in Rs 246 crore.

Azmarda is a brand indicated for heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Azmarda is in the top 300 IPM brands, and it will be the 6th brand of JBCPL to be in the top 300.

Indeed, the acquisition of Azmarda by JBCPL is a strategic move to strengthen its equity in the segment of cardiology. After Cilacar and Nicardia, Azmarda will be the next big drug in JBCPL's cardiology portfolio.

Heart failure is a progressive chronic syndrome characterised by decrease in functional status and quality of life. The burden of heart failure has increased to an estimated 23 million people, worldwide. In India, the prevalence was estimated to be around 1.2/1000 people in the INDUS study.

The Azmarda brand, a patented product, shall be affixed on the proprietary Novartis AG product, which is a pharmaceutical composition comprising of Valsartan and Sacubitril. It has recorded sales of Rs 76.8 crore as per IQVIA MAT February, 2022. The patented product is growing at around 35 per cent CAGR and is one of the fastest-growing molecules in the cardiology segment. With only three players in the market, this molecule will make JBCPL in the cardio segment stand out amongst the competitors.

The brand 'Azmarda' fits well with JBCPL's overall strategy of strengthening its presence in the cardiology segment in India as Swiss giant Novartis entrusts JBCPL considering it as one of the best cardio-metabolic players.


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