A powerful country got angry over my Russia visit Imran

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Islamabad, April 1

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday claimed that a "powerful country" had objected to his Russia visit and got angry with him, The News reported.

The premier said this a day after, in an apparent "slip of the tongue", he revealed that the US sent the "threatening memo" to Pakistan.

"A very powerful state asked us why did we go to Russia. They are asking a state as to why did we visit Russia. On top of that, they are angry with us," he said while speaking at the inaugural session of the Islamabad Security Dialogue.

He said on the other hand, the same "powerful state" is helping India, despite it trading and even thinking to import oil from Russia,at a time when sanctions are being imposed on Moscow due to Ukrainian invasion.

The Prime Minister said the UK Foreign Secretary has stated that Britain cannot intervene in India's internal matters because they have an independent policy. "So what are we?"

"But I don't blame them. The person who has stitched an achkan for himself stated in an interview yesterday that we should not make the US angry," Khan said.

"We are at this juncture due to such people, who sacrificed the nation not for the country's interest, but in the interest of the elite."

Khan said the decisions of previous politicians have led to a situation wherein no foreign country respects Pakistan. "They order us. They say that if the no-confidence does not become successful, then there will be consequences for Pakistan."

He stressed that inclusive prosperity, rule of law and an independent foreign policy are the key elements for the national security of any country


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