Deuba thanks Modi for evacuating Nepali nationals from Ukraine

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Kathmandu, March 12

Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Saturday thanked his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for evacuating Nepali nationals who were stranded in the war-torn Ukraine.

Taking to Twitter, Deuba said: "Four Nepali nationals have just arrived in Nepal from Ukraine via India. Thank you Prime Minister

Narendra Modi and the Government of India for the assistance in repatriating Nepali nationals through the Operation Ganga."

Till date, India has evacuated six Nepali nationals from Ukraine.

Nepal had sought assistance from the Indian government for the evacuation of its stranded nationals.

'Operation Ganga' launched by the Central government in New Delhi to rescue Indian citizens from Ukraine's neighbouring countries started on February 22.

Till March 8, about 18,000 Indians have been brought back through the special flights. The number of Indians airlifted by 75 special civilian flights goes up to 15,521.

The IAF had flown 12 missions to bring back 2,467 passengers, as part of Operation Ganga, and carried over 32 tonne relief material.

Among the civilian flights, 4,575 passengers have been brought from Bucharest by 21 flights, 1,820 from Suceave by nine flights, 5,571 from Budapest by 28 flights, 909 by five flights from Kosice, 2,404 from Rzeszow by 11 flights, and 242 persons by a flight from Kiev.


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