HSF programme for saving Hindu girls in Pakistan

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New Delhi, April 13

Hindu Sindh Foundation Inc. (HSF) is presenting a comprehensive programme for saving the Hindu girls in Pakistan, to potential patrons, guardians and supporters in the diaspora. The programme envisages relief and assistance both short and long term.

Women and minor girls belonging to Hindu, Sikh and Christian faiths in Pakistan are routinely abducted and forcibly converted to Islam, as per various human rights groups. It is estimated that at least a thousand such girls were forcibly converted to Islam and this number is the highest from Sindh.

The latest case is that of Pooja Kumari, age 18, who was killed recently after she resisted abduction for forced marriage and conversion.

HSF said Hindus of Sindh are living in mortal fear, especially those who are rearing young daughters. Immediate relief and assistance is required to alleviate the suffering of Hindus of Sindh.

Hindu Sindh Foundation Inc. (HSF) comprehensive programme envisages relief and assistance, including legal and other assistance to affected families where daughters have been abducted, forcibly converted and forcibly married to Muslims.

It also includes assistance for rehabilitation of survivors who had been abducted, forcibly converted and forcibly married to Muslims, but now have escaped and are trying to settle down back to normal life.

It includes rescue of girls who have been threatened by the Muslim men and in all probability it would be a matter of time before they are abducted, forcibly converted and married off, HSF said.

The rescue programme includes but is not limited to by facilitating guardianship and patronship in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia, as well as in India and Nepal, where the girls would emigrate for further studies.

The rescue programme also includes possible adoption of young girls after consent of birth parents and proper scrutiny of adopters and their meeting the eligibility criteria as provisioned by law in their home countries, option for "limited adoption" (supervised guardianship without full adoption) would also be available.


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