Imran Khan faces illegal funding probe in US sold gifts from Gulf countries

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New Delhi, April 6

PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has claimed that interim Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing an illegal funding probe in the US and this was the reason that he has resorted to anti-Americanism and made claims about a foreign-funded conspiracy against his government, Samaa TV reported.

Ahsan Iqbal claimed Imran Khan sold gifts received from the Gulf nations in the market.

Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Iqbal claimed that Imran Khan Niazi was involved in illegal activities and illegal funding in the US and a probe was likely to be opened.

He said Imran Khan's claim about the foreign-funded conspiracy was made in anticipation of the probe in the US so that he could say that the American government was plotting against him and the investigation and action against him were part of the same conspiracy, Samaa TV reported.

"Imran sahib, you become involved in illegal activities and receive illegal funding, but to save your skin and escape accountability, you put Pakistan's foreign policy at stake," Iqbal said.

Iqbal said that Imran Khan did nothing between March 7 and March 27, but suddenly when his allies left him and he received the news from the US that an investigation against him could be launched over "illegal accounts, your fund-raising, and your money laundering" he saw the foreign conspiracy theory.

The PML-N leader accused Imran Khan of destroying Pakistan's relations with four key economic partners — China, European Union, the US, and the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia.


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