Pak PM adviser says trade with India is the need of the hour

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New Delhi, Feb 21

 Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to the Pakistan Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production, and Investment, has said that trade with India is the need of the hour and beneficial to both countries, Dawn reported.

"As far as the Ministry of Commerce is concerned, its position is to do trade with India. And my stance is that we should do trade with India and it should be opened now," Dawood said in an interaction with the media on Sunday at an exhibition on engineering and healthcare organised by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.

"The trade with India is very beneficial to all, especially Pakistan. And I support it," he added.

About the exports to Afghanistan, the adviser said his ministry had increased the number of exporting items to Afghanistan (in Pakistani rupee) to 17.

"Still various businessmen are contacting me to include their articles/items in this list as they also want to export their goods to Afghanistan in Pak rupee," he claimed.

Talking about the trade relations with Russia, Dawood said Pakistan's exports to Russia and the countries bordering it (central Asia) and others required immediate attention and growth.

"So we need to open this trade. And that is why we are going there," he said, adding that Russia wanted to work in Pakistan in the fields of laying pipelines, constructions.


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