Pakistan blames India for delay in water talks

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Islamabad, May 9

New Delhis "stubbornness" over Pakistan-India water disputes persists as it is yet to respond to a letter sent from Islamabad even after the passage of a month, the media reported.

A meeting of water experts from both sides is scheduled to be held in New Delhi this month, but now it seems that the talks would be delayed, The Express Tribune said in a report.

A three-day meeting of water experts from both countries was held on March 1 in Islamabad. According to sources, it was agreed in that meeting to hold talks in New Delhi in May.

The Indus Water Commission will soon write a second letter to its Indian counterpart to convene a meeting.

Islamabad has objections over New Delhi's plans to build projects on Chenab River, sources said.

They said that India had also approved the launch of illegal water projects on the Indus River, The Express Tribune report said.

The construction of water projects by India will reduce the flow of water in Pakistan's rivers.

In March, Islamabad and New Delhi reiterated their desire to implement the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) following the 117th meeting of the India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission.

Under the relevant provisions of the IWT 1960, the meeting takes place alternatively in Pakistan and India annually.

New Delhi's delegation comprising 10 members was headed by Indian Commissioner for Indus Waters P.K. Saxena, while Islamabad's delegation was led by Pakistani Commissioner for Indus Waters Syed Muhammad Mehar Ali Shah.


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