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By Sugandha Rawal

New Delhi: "Always Be My Maybe" star Ali Wong is appreciative about her rise to fame in showbiz, but feels it has been too fast. The American actress says it took her some time to adjust, and it is only now that she feels a bit settled.
"I am grateful that a lot of people know who I am now and happen to appreciate what I do. And I'm learning how to adjust to it better," Wong told IANS in an email interview when asked whether she has learnt to handle fame.
"It all just happened kind of fast at first. But now I feel like it has settled into a place where me and my family are more used to it," she added.
The Vietnamese-Chinese-American comedian, writer and actress was a part of the comedy scene for years, but it was only in 2016 that she shot to fame with her stand-up special "Baby Cobra", which was filmed when she was seven months pregnant. In the special, she delved into her own sexual adventures, rocky road to pregnancy and why feminism is terrible.
She followed up her act by narrating truths about marriage and motherhood with her stand-up "Hard Knock Wife" in 2018, which was filmed while she was pregnant with her second child.
At the moment, she features in two Netflix projects — an animated series called "Tuca & Bertie" and a romantic comedy "Always Be My Maybe". She co-wrote the film with her co-star Randall Park.
The film portrays rich diversity within the bounds of a modern-day rom-com. Along with diversity, the film also highlights gender equality and how men can support women as they work towards making their dream a reality.
Reflecting on the thoughts behind the film, she said: "When writing our movie, we always referenced 'When Harry Met Sally…' and 'Boomerang'. Those were our two favourites. Randall and I have known each other for a long time, so we wanted our characters to be friends long before they ever actually hook up, like in 'When Harry Met Sally…'.
"And then we did want to populate the movie with a lot of Asian-Americans, much like how the entire world of 'Boomerang" is unapologetically black."
The 37-year-old is elated about people of colour enjoying their moment in Hollywood.
"There's so much to be excited about: 'Black Panther', 'Jane The Virgin', 'Pen15', 'Tuca & Bertie', and 'The Big Sick'…and it makes me never want to go back in time."
Action star Keanu Reeves is a surprise package in the film.
Wong said it was a "long shot", which ultimately fell into place.
"I reached out to his people with a long-shot ask. He said that he watched both my specials and launched into this impromptu martial arts interpretation of my specials," she added.
What's next?
"I'm currently performing my new hour of stand-up on the Milk and Money Tour. And I have a book called 'Dear Girls' coming out in October," she added.


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