HOME launches leading concept inspired by the Solar System

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New Delhi, March 9

 HOME, PVR's Luxury Lounge and a social and live entertainment club at Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj has come out with exclusive drinks with a Solar System theme, an industry-first approach in the food and beverage industry. Curated by the bar team of HOME, led by an award-winning mixologist, these well-researched drinks with a scientific basis behind their meticulous creation, some of which, never tried in the fine-dining space are healthy with the use of natural elements such as fruits and vegetables.

The Solar System has formed 4.6 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar molecular cloud; Solar energy is irreplaceable for the survival of human beings. The newly created beverage menu has been inspired by the energy of solar power along with fermentation, a preservation process that produces lactic acid. Fermentation is widely used for the production of alcoholic beverages through the process of distillation.


The expansion of cocktails in new and unexpected directions is one of the most exciting developments in the world of mixology. There is a growing trend to incorporate fruits and vegetables into both drinks and spirits in new and unusual ways and combinations. A well-placed garnish while enhancing flavour, aroma, health factor and visual appeal can elevate the cocktail from a refreshing drink to a culinary and gourmet experience. The New Cocktail menu uses a distinct variation of fermented fruit & vegetables in its garnishes.

Mayank Tiwari, Executive Chef of the PVR Group, while introducing the new beverage menu at HOME said, "Our bar team has come up with creations that are captivating and flavorful, created with untameable passion and with meticulous care. The exclusive flavours and minimalist garnish makes for a compelling drink, and something we hope will create a lasting impression. Layer upon layer, we aim to create an atmosphere that exudes an innate and genuine sense of depth and timelessness where every single detail is carefully handpicked."


Santanu Chanda, Head Mixologist at HOME and Group Beverage Manager, who introduced these drinks at HOME said, "Our aim is to bring together ideas and concepts for a wholesome experience. A cocktail is not merely a mix of spirit and flavours; it is an epitome of art- taste skills presentation and a story to bring it to life. Every living being has a different and individual relationship with the energy contained in food derived from nature and this is what has been the guiding force to curate these drinks. We add freshness to the spirits by incorporating fresh and seasonal ingredients."

HOME is located in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj and serves modern-Indian, Japanese & European Cuisine. One can enjoy an array of handcrafted delicacies and amazing themed cocktails for a memorable experience. The expert team at HOME comprising of Sushil, Ashwin and Abhishek led by Santanu continuously work on the Bartending Programme to reflect the evolving palate of patrons and offers new flavours as per changing seasons.


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