My country Dark Ages tears of shame and despair

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Anupama Nair

Bharat, Aryavarta, or India whatever name you call her, has always been known as “cradle of civilization”. India is a country in the continent of Asia whose name comes from Sindhu or Indus River. The name 'Bharat' is also  a name used for the country after the Emperor Bharat, whose story is told, in the epic Mahabharata.

The Puranas stated Bharat conquered the whole of Indian Subcontinent and he was said to have ruled his country in peace and harmony. The country, hence came to be known as ‘Bharatavarsha’. Nearly  lakhs of years ago, Hominid activity was excavated in the Indian subcontinent and goes back to over 250,000 years, and we can proudly say, “one of the oldest inhabited regions on the planet”.

I spoke about ancient India and the pride I felt in my matrubhoomi and her greatness. Unfortunately, when Bharat Ma’s great son Prithvi Raj was martyred, it was an epoch-making event that heralded Islamic terrorism till 17th Century, when the Mughal rule thankfully lost its importance after the death of the most tyrannical and butcher of humans Aurangzeb. The history books written by the ultra-left who were haters of anything Hindu glorified these looters. As a young child I refused to learn such glorification and got low marks in history for the first time in my life. Your blood will boil when you learn of these Islamic terrorists.

In 1191, Gori the Gurid prince was defeated by Prithvi Raj, the ruler of Ajmer and Delhi, in the First Battle of Tarain. In 1192 however Prithvi Raj was defeated by Mohammad Ghori at Tarain. Prithvi Raj killed the tyrant before he was killed. This marked the commencement of permanent Muslim rule in India. He then took Ajmer, Delhi, Kanauj, Banaras, Gwalior etc.

Qutub-ud-din set up the Slave Dynasty. The Vishnu Dwaj was destroyed and Qutab Minar was built instead. The cruel dynasty continued till 13th Century. Then came the even crueler Allaudin Khilji who was famous for his treachery and his lustful nature. The attack of Chittor is famous because of his lust the brave Rajputs sacrificed their lives  After the Khiljis came the Tughlaqs who were known for their foolishness. Muhammad Tughlaq might be the most foolish ruler in the history of India.

Later on, after him the cruel assassin who butchered humans, Taimur also took the same route taken by Gori in his conquest of North West India in 1383

Ibrahim Lodi was the son of Sikandar Lodhi. He was very tyrannical by nature. His people and nobles were disgusted with him. In 1526, Babar defeated him at Panipat which resulted in the end of Lodhi dynasty. Babar then laid the foundation of Mughal rule in India. It was an unfortunate event as Babar laid the foundation of the cruelest empire in history. All the Mughal emperors destroyed temples, killed innocent Hindus and forced people to convert. They were responsible for the death of many Sikh Gurus like Guru Arjan and Guru Teg Bahadur. Babar, Akbar, Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb were known for destroying temples for their pleasure. Ram Temple was destroyed by Babur, Kashi and Mathura was destroyed by Aurangzeb. Even the Taj Mahal was once a Hindu temple! There was a reign of terror and bloodbath. How much Bharat Ma must have cried to see her children suffer, but she could do little as she was in chains? It was truly Dark Ages, as Bharat known for her inventions in the Ancient times had nothing but backwardness to show. The West meanwhile caught up.

In the beginning of the Mughal period, they met resistance from Sher Shah Suri. He  humbled the Mughal ruler Humayun, and forced him into exile. During the brief period of his rule, he attempted to set up a national state and introduced some reforms which brought him the title of the forerunner of Akbar. His tomb at Sasaram (Bihar) is considered to be a noble specimen of art.

Aurangzeb’s intolerance, policy of over-centralization, suspicious nature and his lack of the qualities of a statesman were are responsible for the downfall of the Mughal Empire in 1707. I breathe a sigh of relief that thankfully Islamic terrorism ended. If you compare the British were less tyrannical than these terrorists as they bought many modern reforms which in turn helped us.

These invaders are glorified by the historians in India as if they came to my great country for the benefit of Indians and not to loot the great wealth which India was always famous for. They have streets named after them; their portraits are hung in the party office of a political party I do not want to name here. An actor couple named their son after one such invader, as if there was shortage of names.

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