Is astrology important for a matrimonial relationship

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New Delhi, Sep 5

Matrimony, the holiest of all alliances, in all cultures but especially in the Indian context. India's customs and traditions lay a great emphasis on whether the stars align for your upcoming nuptials.

While it is widely believed that marriages are made in heaven, they idea is that they need to go through a number of processes on earth. Astrology plays a major role when finalising a matrimonial alliance. In fact it is believed that astrology is very important for the success of any relationship. It is a very normal practice in our country for parents/families to match horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms before going ahead with any step or process related to marriage.

Whenever a matrimonial alliance is being fixed, it is imperative to have a thorough study of horoscopes and stars. There are other ways to do the same, such as face reading and reading body vibrations. All these aim at determining accurately the different 'doshas' or planetary defects that might exist in a prospective relationship. Some of the most common 'doshas' are 'Khuja dosha' – popularly referred to as 'Mangal dosha', 'Rahu dosha' and 'Sarpa dosha'. Apart from these, there are a few other doshas related to the yog of two individuals and other aspects related to horoscope.

The remedies of each of these planetary defects are determined on the basis of 'Gochara Phala', following which different pujas and rituals are conducted to ensure that a couple goes into the institution of marriage peacefully and amicably. Apart from this, a study is also conducted of the different 'Guna' (virtues) of prospective bride and groom. Out of 36 'Gunas', at least 18 must match for a healthy and happy marriage. However, this too can be taken care of through a few pujas and rituals.

Besides, astrology or horoscope matching also plays a crucial role in giving a heads up and preparing a couple for the challenges that they might come across in their married life.

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