AWS Intel help edtech CXOs take deep dive into key issues in India

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New Delhi/Bengaluru, June 3

In a bid to understand edtech startups mission and support their innovation while taking a deep dive into their key problems, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted 'EdTech CXO Mixer' in New Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru recently.

The event brought edtech founders, CEOs, CTOs and CXOs, including those who use AWS to deliver their edtech solutions in India and the world, to meet and learn about each other's business and best practices.

The founders discussed their startup missions and motivations to be in the edtech business and dived deep into their edtech business's key problems.

"The single point agenda for us is to get the whole community together to solve common problems. We want to take this opportunity to hear from all of you on the key issues you are facing and collectively solve these problems," said Rahul Sharma, President-Public Sector, AWS India and South Asia, AISPL, at the Gurugram edition of the event.

"Our focus is to help you with meaningful information, tangible resources, and the network to be able to invest in your innovations equally and enable you to succeed," he told founders and CXOs.

Anuj Kumar, CTO at Adda 247, a leader in government exam preparation, said that they have been totally on AWS since inception, leveraging multiple services.

"The AWS team has provided continuous support in integrating all the services and help with everything required to optimize and make the most of those services," he told the audience.

In Delhi, the 'EdTech CXO Mixer' saw participation from 50 edtech founders, CEOs, CTOs and CXOs.

According to Mohit Jindal, Head of Engineering at Yellow Class, a fast-growing platform for kids to learn different hobbies, skills, and stuff beyond school,, they started the journey on Zoom classes.

"But due to the sheer volume of the users that started to come onto our platform last to last year in November 2020, we realised that we needed to build our product, and that is when we got great input and support from the AWS team, including the credits to start with," he noted.

The platform expected at least a 2x jump in traffic during summer break, "but to our surprise, the jump we saw was close to 10x, but everything went smooth, and it has been a great journey for us", said Jindal.

In Bengaluru, the 'EdTech CXO Mixer' also saw participation from over 50 edtech founders, CEOs, CTOs and CXOs.

"We strongly believe in getting the community together through different gatherings like these, hearing from all of you on the key issues you are facing, and joining forces to solve those problems. We are excited to see the great ideas that founders in the edtech community are working on. We always want to be there to empower the community through relevant information and such learning and networking opportunities," said PP Sunil Acharya, South Asia Lead: Education, Space & NPO at AWS.

"We are excited to see the great ideas that founders in the edtech community are working on," Acharya told the gathering.

According to Hemant Sahal, Founder and CEO of CollPoll, a popular OS for higher education institutions, they have been working with the AWS team since day one.

"AWS has offered much more than cloud servers and has been an amazing partner. I look forward to continuing this journey of partnership with them," Sahal said.

Edukemy has been an early partner with AWS.

"We see that the infrastructure is impeccable as we have so far faced no issues. We believe they are true partners as the assigned account managers work with us extremely closely and help us scale and optimize as we scale the business forward," said Chandrahas Panigrahi, Co-founder of Edukemy, one of the leading UPSC test prep platforms.

AWS and Intel share more than 14 years of a relationship dedicated to developing, building, and supporting cloud services designed to manage the cost and complexity, accelerate business outcomes, and scale to meet current and future computing requirements.

"We have been on the AWS platforms since almost the beginning. We have been operating for the last ten years and scaling up significantly. Many of our deployments are in India, but we have recently started deployments on the US and other international servers. We are extremely happy with AWS, especially for the continuous support we get from them," said Manoj Chawla, Chief Business Officer of Tribyte Technologies, a future-ready learning management system (LMS).

After witnessing positive feedback, AWS is now planning to bring such meetings for edtech founders in different regions across India to support innovation in the edtech ecosystem continuously.



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