Chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai Ukraine students make last video before moving to border

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New Delhi, March 5

 Around 600 students who were stuck in Sumy, the north eastern state of Ukraine, have made another video saying if anything happens to them, the government will be responsible.

All the students are of Sumy Medical University, presently living amidst shelling and bombings in war zone area.

"Today is the tenth day of war. We have come to know that Russia has announced ceasefire to open corridor of border of two cities, one of them is Mariupol which is 600 km from here. Since morning we are hearing sounds of airjets, bombing and street fights. We have waited for long and can't wait any more. We are risking our lives, we are moving towards borders, if anything happens to us, the government should be held accountable," said the students in the video.

They said it was the last video made by them as they started walking towards borders risking their lives amid heavy shelling.

"As Russia has opened border, we are moving, just pray for us, we need our government right now," the students said and started chanting 'Bharat Mata ki jai'.

The students have no water, food and anything which they need to survive. They made several requests but no help reached them.

Even on Friday they sent a few video  naratting their ordeal.

Now chanting Bharat Mata ki jai and putting their lives at risk they have moved towards border in hope of life. They have belief that they will make it to the country safe and sound.


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