Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Kochu Guruvayoor Temple at Asthika Samaj Matunga

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Celebrations of the Lord Guruvayoorapan Temple

The golden jubilee celebrations of the Lord Guruvayoorapan temple at the Asthika Samaj Matunga also known as Kochu Guruvayoor temple is in progress and will conclude on May 30. A team of 25 priests from Kerala led by P.C.Dineshan Namboothiripad, thantri of Guruvayoor temple are conducting the rituals. The installation of the temple was conducted by Parameshwaran Namboothripad of Guruvayoor temple in 1974.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations Lord Guruvayoorapan Temple


Part of the Celebrations

As part of the celebrations Rig Veda Laksharchana, YajurVeda Laksharchana and Sama Veda Mura Japam followed by three day Prathishta day rituals are held, said K,Ramakrishnan Secretary of the Samaj. There are also other rituals like Brahma Kalasa Pooja, Vastu Kalasa puja and Brahma Kalasabhishekam.


The Samaj, which is celebrating 100 years with various religious and cultural functions was reverberated with chants of Om Narayana throughout the period, had made arrangements for various offerings for the benefit of the devotees.

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