India would emerge as world leader by 2047 Jyotiraditya Scindia

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Bengaluru, May 22

Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia on Saturday said that India has upheld the democratic principles in worst global scenarios.

He further stated that India would emerge as a world leader by 2047.

He was addressing a special keynote Session at the "India@2047" conclave in Bengaluru.

Scindia further stated that India has always upheld economic and democratic order.

India is determined to work towards attaining a steady growth path from "Aatmanirbhar Bharat to Bharat Par Vishv Nirbhar" and thus emerge as a world leader by 2047, he said.

"She (India) always protected her territorial integrity, but never in the form of an aggressor. That speaks of Indian history not only from 1947 but from 5,000 years India has never been aggressor but has always been an assimilator," he said.

India has redefined the old belief that democracies are always accompanied by low levels of development and high level of inequality. In fact, if democracies are prospering around the world, some credit also comes to India, he said.

"Now, the common terminology of Asia-Pacific has changed into Indo-Pacific, it is a testament to her (India) rise.

"The way that we have guided the world during pandemic, the measures that put in place is note worthy. The country which used to import vaccines today has become exporter of vaccines," he added.

He further stated India will become the flag-bearer of democracy, growth and peace to the world.

He maintained that by 2027, India will the become largest economy of the world.

"That's what the change leadership brings about. In the old era, the Indian government only to provide and control but now the government aides people to prosper."


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