NGT seeks action against industries polluting Ganga in UP

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New Delhi, May 14

The National Green Tribunal has directed Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary to look into the river polluting industrial activities and take action against the discharge of untreated sewage in River Bhella, which ultimately meets the river Ganga.

NGT chairperson Adarsh Kumar Goel-led bench was dealing with the execution of a tribunal order passed last year, in which directions were issued for remedial action against the pollution in the river Bhella which meets Kosi river in Rampur, a tributary of Ramganga that reaches Ganga.

The tribunal noted that there is a high level of faecal coliform and other waste in the river and it is not meeting the bathing criteria and water quality had deteriorated.

"Imbalance, as is being caused today, needs to be remedied to prevent threatening reduction of flow in the rivers. This may be done by a joint Committees in the atates of UP and Uttarakhand, headed by Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture with nominees of Departments of Soil Conservation, Forest, Water Resources and Panchayati Raj and Rural Development," it directed.

"Since the tributaries in question ultimately meet the river Ganga, stern steps for rejuvenation of Ramganga and East Kali carrying the waste of the catchment, having agro-based industries are required to be taken. Discharge of untreated sewage has to be stopped. Let Chief Secretary UP look into the matter and take remedial action," the order dated May 12 said.

The green court said there are three issues for consideration –preventing pollution, checking illegal extraction of groundwater, and recovering compensation for past violations.

"Let the monitoring norms be reviewed accordingly and for the past violations, further remedial action taken in terms of recovery of compensation for the violations for being used for the restoration of environment and augmentation of groundwater levels," it said.

The Tribunal earlier found that pollution of river Bhella in Moradabad was taking place due to untreated discharge of pollutants by industries, apart from other sources. One of the major polluting industries was Radico Khaitan Limited.

In the plea, it was alleged that the State authorities concerned have failed to take necessary steps for enforcement of the order of this Tribunal.


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