PM Modi inaugurates Asia s biggest Bio CNG plant in Indore

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New Delhi, Feb 19

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated Asia's biggest Bio-CNG plant in Madhya Pradesh's Indore via video conferencing.

Addressing the event, PM Modi said that the work is on to set up similar gobar dhan Bio-CNG plants in 75 big municipal bodies across the country in next two years. The campaign will help a lot in making India's cities clean, pollution free, clean energy, he added.

"Whether it is the wet waste that comes out of the houses in the city, the garbage from the livestock and farms in the village, all this is gobar dhan in a way. From city's waste and livestock to gobar dhan, from gobar dhan to clean fuel and again from clean fuel to energy, the chain creates Jivan Dhan", PM Modi said.

"Millions of tonnes of garbage have been engulfing thousands of acres of similar land for decades in cities across the country", he said.

PM Modi added that it is also a major reason for the diseases caused by air pollution and water pollution. That's why work is being done to deal with this problem in the second phase of Swachh Bharat Mission.

Ethanol blending in India used to be only 1-2 per cent seven-eight years ago. Today, the percentage of ethanol blending in petrol is reaching around 8 per cent. The supply of ethanol for blending has also been greatly increased in the last seven years, he said.

Talking about the stubble burning, PM Modi said that the government has taken important decisions in this budget. "We have taken an important decision related to it in this budget. It has been decided that stubble will also be used in coal-fired power plants. This will not only remove the problems of the farmer, it will also generate additional income from the agricultural waste", he said.

There are two ways to tackle any challenge. The first is to find an immediate solution to that challenge. The second is to deal with it in such a way that everyone gets a permanent solution, said PM. He underlined that the schemes made by the government in the last seven years are meant to give permanent solutions.

The government is working to convert more and more cities into water plus. For this emphasis is being laid on the second phase of Swachh Bharat Mission, said PM Modi.

The Bio-CNG plant in Indore has been set up based on the concept of waste-to-wealth innovation in India's cleanest city. The plant with 550 MT per day capacity is said to be the biggest of its kind in Asia.



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