Power of Faith

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“Faith can move mountains”. This is what my grandmother always used to tell me. My belief in her old words of wisdom was reinstated when I visited the Rama Krishna Mission in Belur Mutt, Calcutta. Located in the banks of a dying river, it is a spot every lover of peace and tranquility would love to visit. I too admired the beauty of the place. Soon I got a chance to visit the library of the Mutt. I managed to lay my hands on a book which changed my outlook on life. The book had a story of Jatila a small boy, whose faith made it possible to see Bhagwan Krishna.

Once upon a time in a village in Orissa lived a poor widow with her son Jatila. When Jatila became old to be send to gurukul, his mother took him to enroll in the gurukul on the other side of the jungle. Jatila was excited at the thought of going to the gurukul, but the journey through the forest was scary. On the first day, as he began his journey through the dense forest, he thought the huge trees rustling in the wind was telling its own tale of terror. He even heard the wild animals moving around. The journey back home was even more terrifying. The darkness added to his fear. On reaching home, he told his mother that he did not want to go tomorrow. His mother told him that his brother Madhusudan would be his companion in the forest. He was excited at the though of meeting his brother for the first time. Next day he went to the forest and started crying “Brother Madhusudan, where are you”? When there was no reply he started crying. Mother said you will come, but where are you? He heard the ringing of bells, and sweet music emanating from a flute. He saw a boy who introduced himself as Madhusudan. From then on, the journey to and fro to the gurukul became a pleasure.

One day the Guru announced that each child has to bring some special dish. Jatila’s mother was poor, and she asked him to tell his brother. Madhusudan gave him a pot of curd. When the Guru saw the small pot and asked him how it will feed the entire class. When he began to serve the pot became an Akshaya Patra. Even after feeding the class the pot was full. Guru accused Jatila of doing black magic.  When Jatila said, it was given by his brother, the Guru slapped him and accused him of lying. Jatila took the Guru to the forest and called his brother. When there was no reply, the Guru began to beat him again. Suddenly there was a voice from the sky. “I am Jatila’s brother Madhusudan. You cannot see me as your heart is not pure as Jatila. He could see me because of his faith in me.

Needless to say, Jatila became an overnight hero as people could guess who his brother is. He is an atheist who does not have faith. Faith is one of the most potent factors of humanity. It is necessary to have faith as initiates the process of thinking which leads to reason. Unless an animal becomes a man in the first place, he can never hope to become a god. So, first of all have faith in yourself, your parents, guru and then God.

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