Pre monsoon survey at Anamalai Tiger Reserve with M STrIPES

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Chennai, May 25

The pre-monsoon survey of animals, both carnivorous and herbivorous, at Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) is done with the M-STrIPES (Monitoring System for Tiger-Intensive Protection and Ecological Status) app developed by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

The eight-day survey commenced on May 24 and will conclude on May 31. It is conducted based on the protocols of NTCA.

Other than assessing the carnivore and herbivore population in ATR, the quality of their habitats will also be assessed, sources in the forest department of Pollachi division said.

An orientation session was held at the Advanced Wildlife Management Institute, Anakatty, for the forest department staff participating in the survey.

The presence of fireflies in ATR has been a matter of interest and a brief about the firefly population and their habitats was given to the staff by firefly expert Sriram Murali.

Around 250 forest department staff will participate in the exercise which would be conducted in 32 areas under four forest ranges, namely Ullandy, Pollachi, Valparai, and Manambolly.

ATR officials said that there are 62 transect lines covering 11 different types of forests and four to five persons will carry out the survey on each line.

Direct sighting of animals would be done and indirect sighting of the animals using their pugmarks, identification of dung, scat, scratch marks on trees, etc. will be conducted. The survey will also include amphibians, reptiles, and insects.


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