Private member s bill to regulate population withdrawn in RS

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New Delhi, April 2

A private member's bill moved by BJP member Rakesh Sinha in the Rajya Sabha to regulate the rising population was withdrawn on Friday.

The BJP MP withdrew the Population Regulation Bill, 2019 which pitches for a mandatory two-child norm.

The bill had also advocated for disqualifying people violating the two-child norm from being chosen as an MP, MLA or a member of any body of the local self-government.

However, while withdrawing the bill, Sinha said, "We will be able to control the population rising above caste, religion, language and district as efforts are being undertaken by the government in this regard."

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, during the discussion on the bill, said that the population control should happen by creating awareness among people and it should not happen by force and being made compulsory.

"We have gained results as the fertility rate has come down to around 2 per cent which tells that the family planning mission is moving towards success," added the Health Minister.

"The government's policy is to pursue its goals without using force and by adopting initiatives around creating awareness and by educating people. We are moving ahead by following this," said Mandaviya.


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