Woman Vice-Chancellor Champions Academic Progress

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Let’s create an environment where women are empowered:

Considering that gender parity in top positions of authority at colleges remains challenging, Dr Hemlata Bagla, vice-chancellor of HSNC University in Mumbai, is one of the few in higher education leadership to have shattered the glass ceiling,  making pathways for women to rise to leadership positions.

A prominent scholar and progressive educator, Dr Bagla quickly advanced from being the principal of KC College, Mumbai, to the university’s senior dean and vice-chancellor.

Under her leadership, HSCN University implemented the National Education Policy 2020 this academic year. The institution aims to establish centres of excellence in academics, cultural education, sports, innovation, entrepreneurship, and research.

Ascending to an influential position in academia is not her only accomplishment, as she wears many hats. As the director of the Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate, she helped build seven schools within the university, covering various disciplines, including management and real estate, applied sciences, performing arts, yoga and wellness and interdisciplinary studies.

Additionally, she serves as an HSNC executive committee member who oversees 24 institutions.


Dr Bagla has used her extensive administrative experience to strategically plan, organise, and implement innovative academic and professional courses, displaying a commitment to promoting quality in higher education.

In the STEM field, she is a source of inspiration and empowerment. She is an internationally known authority in nuclear and radiochemistry, with 25 years of experience guiding Masters and PhD students. Dr. Bagla’s research interests include the chemical, radiochemical, and biological sciences.

Passionate about education, Dr Bagla earned her Master’s in Organic Chemistry at age twenty and a Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry, focusing on Radiochemistry, by age twenty-five.

In her educational journey, she published over 200 research papers in national and international journals, including 10 in NASA’s Astrophysical database. Her contributions to academic research include active participation as a speaker at national and international conferences, publishing career-related articles for top Mumbai media, and mentoring numerous students pursuing Master’s and PhD degrees.

Besides, Dr Bagla is active in several scientific groups, including her significant role as the first woman president of the Indian Chemical Society (Mumbai Branch) and her position as chief editor of the SRUJAN journal.

Moreover, she is the only Indian scientist among the 15 members of the IAEA’s Coordinated Research Project on Medical Devices.

Her outstanding contributions have not gone unnoticed. She has earned a place in the prestigious “75 Women in Chemistry” list, a joint recognition presented by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, the Government of India, and the Royal Society of Chemistry. This honour recognises her substantial impact and sterling management abilities in academia.



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