Sutradhar: Celebrating Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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Last week, Mumbai came alive for two days with a lively celebration of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation at the historic Gateway of India.

The event, “Sutradhar: A Tale of Indian Women Entrepreneurs,” presented by Zhep Udyogininchi and Tisser Artisans Trust, celebrated the resilience, inventiveness, and energy of Indian women entrepreneurs.

The exclusive event, sponsored by MSSIDC, AIAI, WTC-Mumbai, and the Mumbai Port Authority, sought to highlight and celebrate women’s many talents in the creative segment.

The event began with a grand inauguration by the Zep Team, setting the tone for an engaging day ahead. Rupee Boss delivered welcoming comments and led a discussion on financial literacy for women’s empowerment, preparing the stage for a culturally rich evening.

The welcome and introduction to “Sutradhar” were accompanied by traditional performances, Ganesh Vandana and Natraj Stuti, which added reverence and grace to the ambience.

The evening proceeded with the release of a new song by Shankar Mahadevan and a heartfelt poetry recital by the Sitaben Shah Memorial Trust.

The day’s highlight was an award ceremony for notable persons, followed by a panel discussion on health and wealth hosted by Hemal Shah featured eminent speakers Padmashree, Dr Ashok Gupta, Dr Sandip Bipte, Dr Avinash Rajan, and Archana Sharma.

The next day, the festivities continued with a panel discussion conducted by Rupee Boss about empowering women via financial knowledge. This was followed by a riveting MSME talk show, which focused on the potential and challenges that micro, small, and medium-sized businesses confront.

Ruchi Sharma’s audiovisual presentation on architecture and heritage provided historical context to the event. As the evening progressed, the focus switched to the fashion stage, where Tisser, Zhep, and Mantra showcased their works in a captivating fashion display.

The ceremony ended with sincere speeches and a thank you card from the Zhep Team, which expressed gratitude to all participants and attendees.

Tisser’s DIY workshops, including block printing, Kulhad painting, and Warli painting, were well-received by locals and foreigners. They promoted handcrafted goods and protected Indian art forms.

Tisser presented handmade products spanning 14 art forms, including garments and decor items, as part of the product showcase, which demonstrated the diversity and expertise of Indian women artisans.

The event aims to introduce and popularise ancient Indian art forms while also giving a venue for rural women artisans to demonstrate their skills.

Aside from the guest list and invitees, many people visited the Gateway of India to enjoy the celebrations, demonstrating the event’s widespread appeal and influence.

L-R : Poornima Shirishkar (Organiser), Hrishikesh Chury (Bollywood Playback Singer), Nutan Kajbaje (Organiser)

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