Ten months after Covid death TN corporation worker s family get 25L ex gratia

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Chennai, March 11

 Family of a Tamil Nadu corporation worker who died of Covid-19, had to struggle for ten months before getting Rs 25 lakh compensation as announced by the state government.

Ramesh (50), a worker of Tiruchy corporation died due to Covid-19 on May 9,2021. His family cremated the body without securing a Covid-19 death certificate.

This led to the doctors of the hospital refusing to provide the Covid death certificate as the cremation was already over. The procedures turned intrinsic and the family of Ramesh had to run from pillar to post to get the compensation amount of Rs 25 lakh announced by the Tamil Nadu government to the employees who died due to Covid -19 related illness.

However, even after knocking on several doors, the family was not able to secure the certificate and hence the compensation. Ramesh's wife Nirmala and his brother-in-law Varatharajan met several officials but their efforts were in vain.

Varatharajan  said: "It was a tough time and we were running around for getting his compensation as the family is in dire straits after the death of the breadwinner, and his family is entitled to the compensation as per government rules. However, with doctors refusing to provide certificates, things were not working out and after we approached media and reports came out, the government acted, and now the amount has been sanctioned."

On February 21, 2022, the amount was sanctioned and the family received the cheque for Rs 25 lakhs from the state government.

Ramesh's wife Nirmala  said: "We were running from pillar to post to get the certificate, and finally we got the necessary papers thanks to the support of the media. After the news reports came, files moved faster and on February 21, 2022, we received the cheque for Rs 25 lakhs as compensation. I am thankful to the media in Tamil Nadu as well as the Tamil Nadu government for allowing a compensation amount to the families of those who die of Covid."

Nirmala said that she can use the amount to provide good education to her children and said that she thanked the Tamil Nadu government for the support it provided as compensation amount.


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