Kabir and his teachings even more relevant today Kovind

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Sant Kabir Nagar (UP), June 5

President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday said that the life of the mystic poet and saint Kabir was an epitome of human virtue and that his teachings are relevant even in modern times.

Inaugurating the Sant Kabir Academy and Research Centre here, the President paid homage to the Bhakti Movement saint at his Samadhi Sthal in Maghar. He also offered 'chadar' at his 'mazaar' (mausoleum) and planted a sapling in the premises of the Kabir Chaura Dham.

"The life of Kabir is an epitome of human virtue and his teachings are relevant today even after 650 years. Kabir's life was an ideal example of communal solidarity," Kovind said.

"Kabir emphasised that humanity can only be served by having an attitude of affection towards the downtrodden. He did not get a formal education but acquired knowledge by his experiences in the company of saints. His teachings had shaken the conscience of the fragmented society."

The President said it was necessary to awaken the society which was divided on the lines of caste and creed.

Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were present on the occasion. The President also wished Adityanath on his 50th birthday.

The President will address a joint session of the state Legislature in Lucknow on Monday, the last day of his visit to Uttar Pradesh.


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