Action against illegal encroachments continues in Delhi

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New Delhi, May 13

The Municipal Corporation's (MC) demolition drive against the illegally constructed structures continued unabated on Friday at different places in the city.

As per the latest reports, the demolition drive is currently underway at Khyala Road in the Vishnu Garden area of the city. The JCB bulldozers were seen demolishing the extended area of the shops, which was encroaching the pavements or footpaths along the road.

Two JCB bulldozers were simultaneously working on both sides of the road, clearing the illegal encroachments like a shed and stairs that were covering the drains along the road.

There was adequate police force on the spot even as the residents did not protest against the MC's action. However, some of the locals expressed their anger against the civic agency.

"We were not served any notice. Had MCD intimated us, we would have ourselves removed the said encroachment," a local said.

Apart from Vishnu Garden area, the MC's bulldozer also rolled in the Chawla area of Najafgarh in west Delhi.

As per the latest reports, an extended part of the animal shelter was seen being demolished. The owner of the shelter expressed his strong resentment over the MC's stern move.

"This road, on which animal shelter is present, is not going anywhere. It closes after some distance. How is this little extension hampering any government activity in the area," he asked.

Meanwhile, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has written to Union Home Minister Amit Shah urging the latter to stop the ongoing demolition drive in Delhi. Sisodia claimed that the civic agency's proposed drive will render over 60 lakh people homeless in Delhi.

Notably, the Municipal Corporation's hardline approach, vis-a-vis, demolishing illegal-encroachments in the national capital faced alleged encroachers' outrage on Thursday in the south east part of the city.

The civic agency had planned to demolish illegally constructed structures in various parts of the city, but when they reached Madanpur Khadar area on Thursday, the people started protesting against the demolition drive. Amidst agitation and sloganeering, the civic agency continued its action against the illegal-encroachments.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Amanatullah Khan, who reached the spot where people were protesting against the Municipal Corporation officials, was first detained and then later arrested for rioting and obstructing officials to carry out the proposed anti-encroachment drive. He is currently in judicial custody.


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