Amit Shah s Hindi push draws ire in K taka

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Bengaluru, April 8

Union Home Minister Amit Shah's recent Hindi language push has drawn ire in Karnataka with Opposition leader Siddaramaiah on Friday criticising it.

"The statement is not only against the federal principles of the country but also an insult to other languages. Amit Shah should immediately withdraw the statement," he said.

Also, the social media in the state is abuzz with comments under the hashtag #IndiaAgainstHindiImposition.

Siddaramaiah, a former Karnataka Chief Minister, dubbed it as an attempt to impose Hindi language in the country, saying he won't be quiet if any attempt is made to impose Hindi.

"Time has come for the non-Hindi states to stage a protest," he noted.

Some Kannada organisations have also reacted, submitting they won't be quiet if Hindi is imposed in the state.

Amit Shah has stated that people from different states should speak in Hindi, not English and he also stated that Hindi should be accepted as an alternative to English.

"Amit Shah's diktat of asking states to use Hindi as a language of communication instead of English is objectionable," Siddaramaiah, a Congress veteran, said.

"As a Kannadiga with self-respect, I condemn Shah's statement," he said.

"We are not against Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati languages. However, the priority in Karnataka should be given to the Kannada language. If any attempt is made to impose Hindi, it is not possible to remain quiet," he said.

Siddaramaiah said it is unfortunate to see Shah promoting Hindi language, and "carry out the slavery of Hindi" by neglecting his mother tongue Gujarati, as he hails from Gujarat.

"Mahatma Gandhi who hailed from Gujarat was a proponent of diversity, different languages, ethos. But, it is a tragedy that Amit Shah sees a role model not in Mahatma Gandhi but in Veer Savarkar, a pseudo-nationalist and proponent of 'one culture' and 'one language'," the Congress leader said.


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