BJP is giving Old wine in new bottle Goa MP Sardinha

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Panaji, May 21

Using the metaphor 'old wine in a new bottle', South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha on Saturday said that the BJP is boasting of work and schemes done by the Congress in the past.

Paying tributes to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary in Panaji, Sardinha said that the former Prime Minister contributed not only for the nation, but also for Goa. "He helped us get statehood," Sardinha, former Goa Chief Minister, said.

He said that Rajiv Gandhi brought IT revolution in the nation, and also reservations in panchayats. "For his contribution other world leaders commended him. But now BJP is showing 'Old wine in new bottle' to project that they have done everything. They (BJP) have only changed the names (of schemes)," Sardinha said.



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