Deve Gowda s JD S to begin water yatra in K taka today

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Bengaluru, April 16

The Janata Dal(S) will launch the 'Janata Jaladhare-Ganga Rath Yatra' from Saturday in Karnataka in an attempt to reach out to the people of the state. The programme has been organised to demand the implementation of all irrigation projects by the ruling BJP government.

The programme will be inaugurated from 15 river banks of the state. The water will be collected from 94 water bodies across the state in Kalash (sacred tumbler, considered as a symbol of the whole universe in Hindu traditions). The Ganga Raths (four-wheelers designed as chariots) till May 8 will travel through 180 Assembly constituencies of 31 districts in the state. The programme is organised to get the attention of the state and central governments to complete the irrigation projects.

Former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy has stated that 'Janata Jaladhare-Ganga Rath Yatra' is the most ambitious programme in his lifetime. "The programme will be carried out with an objective of correcting the injustice meted out to the state in the last 75 years," Kumaraswamy stated.

'Ganga Raths' have reached designated places to collect water. Former Prime Minister and JD(S) National President H.D. Deve Gowda will collect the water from Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) dam in Mandya district. Likewise, top leaders from the party will collect water from all major river banks and water bodies across the state.

The party leaders and workers will also carry out a campaign that if JD(S) is voted to power, the party would implement all pending irrigation projects in the state. The awareness campaign will also be carried out on proper utilisation of river water.

The kalash containing sacred water collected from various districts across the state would be brought to Bengaluru. They will be kept at the J.P. Bhavan, the party headquarters of JD(S) in Bengaluru and worshipped till the upcoming elections.


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